Tolga Branch

Company: Primac
Date Opened: 1988
First Manager:

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Dennis Cotter, Mark Peters, James Gowan, Jill Kennedy
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In around 1988/ 89 Primac purchased the fertilizer business of McClarty Bros in Tolga, which became Primac Tolga. The Tolga Branch was a major fertiliser and chemical outlet for the cropping industry, especially peanuts on the Atherton tablelands. They then went on to manufacture a dry stock feed lick branded Primix which was sold throughout northern Qld and the Northern Territory.

Ken Bland, Branch Manager (Transferred in from ????)
Bill McGuinness, Merchandise / Primix
Andrew Irvine, Merchandise / Primix

Other Staff during the period 1992 to 1997:

Tim Royale, Agronomist
Brian Rowling, Branch Manager
Mike Rippin
Craig Mence, Storeman

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1997 (Elders Merger)
Andrew Irvine, Branch Manager
Jim Armstrong, Branch Manager

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