The Merger – Primaries Mactaggarts – 1st May 1975

The coming together of two great Queensland based pastoral houses, Queensland Primary Producers Cooperative Association and Mactaggarts Primary Producers Cooperative Association took effect on the 1st May 1975, with the inaugural meeting of the newly formed board.

A brief outline about the merger was made at the time by both Mr Doug Mactaggart and Mr. Bruce Campbell. Mr Mactaggart said “Both boards felt that it was not a responsible act to continue having two grower run organisations competing in the field.” Mr Campbell went on to say “I regard the amalgamation of these two producer owned cooperatives to form Primaries Mactaggarts Cooperative Association, to be a sound and progressive commercial decision”

Quotes extracted from the QCL feature 8th May 1975

The Queensland Country Life printed a 24 page “lift out” feature to coincide with the commencement of the new joint venture of Primaries Mactaggarts Cooperative Association in May of 1975.

Acknowledgement to Mr. Bruce Vidgen for contributing the content for this article

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