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Here is a brief recap of my 7 years with Primac and the people in the 1980’s.

Taroom 1981 – 1984
Quiplie 1984 – 1986
Cunnamulla 1986 – 1988

Taroom Branch 1981 – 1984

Interviewed and Employed as a stock salesman by Derek Anderson in Brisbane.

People I worked with at Taroom
Jamie Long (Manager), Loraine O’Sullivan (nee Quigley), Rick Tyrer (Stock), Cyril Close (trainee), Kerry Lynch (Stock), Butch Yorkston (Casual yardman).
Primac Wandoan – Lee Gould (Manager / Auctioneer), Geoff Baker (Stock Salesman / Auctioneer),
Stud Stock – Glen Dunn

Close by
Miles – Lionel Arthur (Manager), James Lambert (Stock Salesman)
Theodore – Morrie Gralow (Manager)
Eidsvold – Peter Fleming and Steve Groom (Managers)
DalbyRichard Handley (Manager)
Oakey – Bill Burton, Noel Grant
Toowoomba – Rob Caton, John Erbacher, Norm Jenner (1934-2015)

Quiplie Branch 1984 – 1986

Transferred to Quilpie Branch as Manager in March 1984. Replaced Scott Lusby who went to Mt Isa Branch in November 1983. I was replaced by Niel Croft who came from Biloela Branch when I transferred to Cunnamulla Branch in around May 1986.

People I worked with at Quilpie:
Duncan Turner (Stock Salesman), Darrol Crouch (caretaker Manager), Robyn James (Stock Salesman), Mark Freund (Stock Salesman), Anne Ray (Office Casual), Robyn Brookes (Office, family owned Brookes transport at Charleville), Roxanne Richardson (Office Casual).

Close By
Charleville – Gary Baker (Manager), Ken Telford (Stock), Greg Kniepp (Woolie), Barry Dixon (Merchandise)
Blackall – Ross Keane (Manager)
MitchellFred Morgan (Manager)
Cannon Hill – Eric Bassingthwaite,
Longreach – Gordon Reid, George Vision, Harold Davis

Cunnamulla Branch 1986 – 1988

(Transferred to Cunnamulla Branch as manager, replaced Hugh Johnson who went to managers position at Dirrandandi Branch. Replaced by Bob McLaren when I left the company to go into private business.

People I worked with at Cunnamulla
Danny Duff (Stock Salesman), Bob McLaren (Stock Salesman), Bob Jakins (Stock Salesman), Geoff Hickson (Merchandise manager), Rodney Geppert (Merchandise manager), Chris Locke Merchandise Salesman, Maria Sloan (Office)

Brisbane Wool
Tom O’Brien, Ken Johnson,
State Livestock – Mike Wheeler
Close By
Charleville – Lloyd Russell (Woolie then manager)
St George – Daryl Beasley (Manager), Ken Rickters (Stock)

Queensland Country Life 01/09/1987

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