Robin Hart and Wayne Fischer address the Australian Veterinary Chemicals Association convention in Brisbane, September 1988

At the September 1988 convention of AVCA in Brisbane, two senior members of Primac Limited, Chairman Mr Robin Hart and Manager of Primac Merchandising, Mr Wayne Fischer, were invited to address the gathered delegates at the convention.

Wayne, stated that “farm chemical storage and transportation needed to improve, to better protect industry members, the public, and of course the environment“. Primac Merchandising was certainly at the forefront, when it came to staff training, product knowledge, and innovation within the farm chemical industry. In particular, Wayne Fisher always demonstrated his management skills and ability, to keep Primac ahead of the “pack” when in came to modern rural merchandising.

Primac chairman and prominent beef producer and feed lotter, Robin Hart, talked about how beef producers “should take up the challenge to become compliant with the correct use and administration of veterinary and farm chemicals”. This came off the back of widespread breaches of farm chemical residues in our export beef and other red meats, at the time. Most livestock agents will remember how the chemical residue crisis, deeply affected how we went about our business, during the 1980’s.

Article: appeared in the “Farm Chemicals Today Magazine” contributed by Wayne Fischer
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