Robert Cameron

I got started in my 13+ year agency career with Primac after being encouraged to do so by Steve Gaff after running into him one day in Longreach and being unemployed at the time.

Taroom Branch 1988 – 1992

I started at Taroom office on the 20th March 1988, Jamie Long – Branch Manager, Shaun McGuingen- Merch/Stock, Racheal Frith- Admin and me stock salesman. A specialist merch guy was brought in a few months later (can’t think of his name) and Shaun became full-time Livestock. Shaun resigned a couple of years later and Wayne Merrit came in as Stock.

Hughenden Branch 1992-1993

Transferred from Taroom to Hughenden in early 92’ for 12 Months. Darrel Crouch – Branch Manager, Dot McMillen – Admin, and me on Merch/Stock.

Taroom Branch 1993-1994

Transferred back to Taroom Branch in February 93’. Jamie Long-Manager, Rem Hassel-Stock, me-Stock, Sandra Lamb-Merch, Mandy Lamb-Admin.

Charleville Branch 1994-1997

Transferred to Charleville Branch in February 94’. Lloyd Russell – Branch Manager, me-Stock, Robyn Clayton-Admin, Cameron Castles started shortly after I did in Merch. Lloyd resigned in 95’ and was replaced by Bob Jakins. At the Merger In February 97’ Rodney Geppert became Manager. Bob and me on stock, Robyn and Lyn Vowles-Admin (Robyn Moved to Landmark a few months later), Cameron Castles – Merch.

Roma Branch 1997-1998

I transferred to Roma Branch for 6 Months in September 97’ till February 98’. Too many people in the office for my failing mind to remember and they were mostly Ex Elders so not worth mentioning!!! Spent 4 days a week in the sale yards anyway. Cyril Close and Colin Campbell worth a mention as old Primac people. Left the company in February 98′.

Had 12 months back in Charleville doing contract mustering and whatnot when I got a call from Bob Jakins (who was the manager of Quilpie Branch by then) that the managers’ job in Barcaldine was up.

Barcaldine Branch 1999 – 2003

From 99’ Spent 3 and a half great years in Barky until I became a victim of GM Peter Maxwell’s intention to Franchise all the Branches. I left and the Branch was never franchised. Laurel Owens was Admin, Becky Plumb Realestate. Me Manager, Stock, Merch, and Toilet clearer.

* Last updated 01/02/2021

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