Primac Merchandising , – “a company with a formula”!

That is how, chemical supplier, Hoechst Agrivet, applauded it’s relationship with the Merchandise Division of Primac Limited, in their magazine, “The Herxter” in September 1989.

In this article, the latest kindly contributed by Mr Wayne Fischer, highlights the initiatives that made Primac a leading force in rural merchandising throughout the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Wayne, in his interview for the article, made comment on just how structured the Merchandise Division was. There was a conscious effort to expand to the southern states, and expand by acquisition, but “do it slowly”.

He also highlighted how many competitor companies had “gone into wholesaling, but Primac was firmly established in the retail sector, identifying the customers that want our service, and “we service the hell out of them!”

The article highlights just how modern, the distribution side of the Primac business, really was. The Computaphone Network, was an initiative that centralised the bulk of the distribution. There is a great photo of Barry Kane, stock controller, working at his terminal. The monochrome monitor would certainly not be acceptable in today’s workplace, but it shows just how far systems have come in 30 years.

There is a great pictorial record of other key merchandising staff, in and around the Coopers Plains base. Thank you Wayne for your latest contribution.

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