Primac Merchandising 1990 Conference and Christmas Party in North Queensland

A youthful Wayne Fischer, presides over a Christmas gathering of Primac Merchandising Gurus, at a 1990 conference in North Queensland

Dennis Cotter has kindly dug out this rather rare footage from his personal collection of Primac memorabilia. It offers an insight into the “behind the scenes” goings on of the Merchandise Division staff, letting their hair down, after enduring another “hard day” at the Merchandise conference at a luxury island resort. (Note: There has been some conjecture where the Conference was actually held. The author has been given differing opinions, but is confident there are plenty who attended will be able to put the record straight.)

Asked to make a comment about the “conference”, Wayne Fischer offered these thoughts: “I cannot remember exactly where the conference was, but think it was one of the islands off Shute Harbour”, ” Russ Hinze was played by Steve Haddan, Steve Haddan played Molly Meldrum at another of our conferences a couple of years later” “Our key suppliers contributed to the costs of running the conference, so no cost to Primac and in return they attended the conference and were given time to address the meeting” “Bruce Sneddon and Alex Nason both attended” “The conference was a fun time, but the objective was to both reward staff, build relationships and encourage ongoing communication through the branch network!”

Warning: This video was recorded in 1990. The audio and video content quality is poor in places, and some of the comments, certainly appropriate in 1990, are likely to be less appropriate in today’s setting. Viewer discretion is advised.

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