PRIMAC HOUSE – 99 Creek Street, Brisbane City

This landmark building, situated on the corner of Creek and Adelaide Streets, will hold a host of wonderful memories for many Primac Gurus.

99 Creek Street, Brisbane City, a.k.a. Primac House.

Photo sourced and supplied by Richard Handley.

Queensland Primary Producers Cooperative Association purchased the building in 1934, and it is from those early origins that the iconic building became known as Primac House. The Brisbane City Council has noted the building as being a Local Heritage Place since 30 October 2000. In September 2011, it was also noted as a place of local heritage significance, gaining a Criterion A (historical), Criterion E (aesthetic) & Criterion H (historical association) .

For Primac it was our head office for many years, until the relocation to South Brisbane in the 1980’s.

Included in this post is a wonderful story, outlining the history of the building, commencing way back in 1910. Of particular interest, is the history during World War 2, and the “Battle of Brisbane”. Acknowledgement to Wayne Fischer for sourcing this Citation courtesy of the Brisbane City Council .

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