Primac Gurus says thankyou to our event sponsors!

On Saturday the 28th October 2023, Primac Gurus will be holding it’s third annual reunion. This year it is in Roma to convene at the Club Hotel.

A big “shout out” to all of our Sponsors, Donors and Supporters, we say thankyou!

Huge response from the Maranoa and the South West!

Once again, this year, through the great efforts of our organising committee, led by Marg Barton, Carol Jarick, Helen Walker, and Margie Neill, we have been able to put together some wonderful auction items and sponsorship for our raffles and fundraising auction.

As in previous years, The Primac Gurus 2023 Roma reunion will feature an auction through the afternoon. It will feature a terrific catalogue of lots, to be offered for bidding competition. Many of the items, feature a local Maranoa connection, with something on offer to suit most budgets and needs.

Some of items catalogued for our Fundraising Auction Items include:

Raffle Prizes also!

Our raffles as in past years, will certainly be worth investing a few dollars, in anticipation of some “massive” prizes available to the successful ticket holders.

Even more sponsorship and support!

The local support has been overwhelming with other “in kind” donations and sponsorship having been offered to the Primac Gurus cause as well. Once again a big thank you to all our supporters.

The distribution of funds raised!

An extract from the the Primac Gurus mission statement includes the following charter:

We seek to raise charitable funds, through events, donations, and sponsorship with the intent of distributing funds back into rural Queensland communities”.

In keeping with our Mission Statement, this year, to coincide with our Primac Gurus 2023 Roma Reunion, our committee has arranged two handover ceremonies to chosen organisations.

On Friday afternoon the 27th October, delegates from Primac Gurus will handover a cheque to the Life Flight committee at their base at the Roma Airport. Life Flight simply do amazing work throughout Queensland but particularly through the Maranoa and South West, where once the great old company of Primac was well represented. Many of the past employees still live and work in this great part of the state.

On the Sunday morning the 29th October, another ceremony will take place at the Miles Historical Village Museum. A donation will be made, to offer our appreciation for the support the Museum committee has provided Primac Gurus. We have been able to establish a Primac exhibit, as part of the Stock and Station Agents display, in their wonderful historical village.

“Salo” “Salo” “Salo” its auction time!

At our past Primac Gurus reunions, a feature of the afternoon has always been the fundraising auction. It has been great entertainment to see some of our older Primac Gurus come out of retirement, to pitch against the younger of our team, who perhaps are “still in the game” on a regular basis.

This year, committee member Helen Walker, has taken it a step further. She has planned an auction competition for this years reunion, “the retirees versus the wannabe retirees” . A series of heats will culminate in a final and eventually a champion auctioneer of the reunion will be decided.

Helen, at great expense, has kindly sponsored the event, with a host of medals and an auctioneers gold cup at stake. Thank you Helen for your contribution. The question will be who are the judges, what are their qualifications, and are they open to bribery?

Finally, for those that are already booked and will be in attendance, the Primac Gurus committee look forward to catching up. For those that, unfortunately can’t make it, please consider purchasing some raffle tickets or even bidding (remotely) on any of the items on offer. Your support would be very much appreciated. Simply contact5 any one of the committee, I am sure we can take your instructions. Thank you.

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