Primac Gurus 2023 Reunion Report

A highlight of the Primac Gurus 2023 Roma Reunion was the auctioneers competition. Organised by Guru, Helen Walker, the event provided a lot of light hearted entertainment through the afternoon.

Photo: Winners of the Auctioneers Competition were Cyril Close (L) and Glenn Dunn (R) pictured with competition organiser Helen Walker. Photo courtesy of Carol Jarick

Article: by Greg Jaocbsen November 2023

Saturday the 28th of October 2023, was the date for the 2023 Primac Gurus annual reunion. This year it was convened at the Club Hotel /Motel in Roma. After two very successful reunions held in 2021 and 2022, for 2023 however the committee decided to take the event to the bush. This was for two very good reasons. The first was simple, after two years the City Golf Club, the venue was not available for this year, and secondly there had been previous discussions amongst our Guru members to have a regional event, where it was anticipated that it may attract more of our rural based Gurus.

There is no doubt this initiative certainly proved that, with a host of new faces in the 40 strong gathering. Sadly though, some South East Queensland based Gurus, were unable to travel the extra distance. This will be certainly discussed at length by the committee when planning future events.

None the less, those that were able to make it to Roma, reported a very relaxed and social atmosphere. Unlike the two previous events, in Toowoomba, where our meeting room had to be vacated around 5.00pm, there was no such time limit this year. While the stories and socialising kept coming, it was some hours after dark before the room started to empty out.

Primac Gurus Association Inc second AGM:

Prior to the commencement of the day’s proceedings, financial members of the Primac Gurus Association Inc, met at 12.00 midday for the second Annual General Meeting. A total of eighteen members of the Association met, primarily to elect a new committee for the forth coming year, and to present financial statements to members.

Results of the election of office bearers were: President: Chris Todd

Secretary: Greg Jacobsen

Treasurer: Carol Jarick

Committee: Margaret Barton, Helen Walker, Warren Hohnke, Steve Gaff, Richard Handley, Gary Mason, Barry Dixon

Robin Hart, whilst absent on the day, had previously accepted the committee’s invitation to continue in his role as Patron.

A copy of the minutes of the 2nd Annual General Meeting is attached:

Thinking of becoming a member?

Membership numbers for our fledgling Association have been steadily growing, but we are always seeking a stronger representation of past employees of Primac Limited and their associated mother companies, Primaries and Mactaggarts.

Membership applications can be completed online at our webpage by clicking on the Primac Gurus Membership link on the homepage. Alternatively contact Secretary, Greg Jacobsen for an application form.

This year, management took the initiative to present to those members attending this reunion a Primac Gurus lapel badge (hatpin) as a way to say thank you for their support. The badges, were organised after our Patron, Mr. Robin Hart made the suggestion at a previous meeting. Also, Robin and his family kindly co-contributed to the funding of the badges and our committee thank the Hart family for their wonderful support.

All current financial members are eligible to receive a badge. The logistics of delivery of the badges for those not present in Roma will be finalized shortly.

Planning for the 2023 Reunion was a twelve month process by an energetic committee!

Planning for this years event started immediately after the 2022 Toowoomba event. Early discussions at committee level, culminated in a decision to take the next reunion to a rural area, where Primac Limited were very much part of the fabric of the town. Of course that could apply to some 50 plus locations across rural Queensland and Northern NSW. Factors such as suitable accommodation and venues were considered, and eventually Roma came to the top of the list.

Consideration was also made that the Maranoa and South West, still had many ex Primac staff living and working in the area.

At the forefront of the committees decision, also, was the choice of worthy “not for profit” associations deemed worthy of our donations to their cause, from funds previously raised at the 2022 reunion. Lifeflight Roma and the Miles Historical Museum were both easy choices, and certainly “ticked” the boxes for the Gurus committee.

At the forefront of our annual reunions has been our fundraising auctions and raffles. In the past we have enjoyed strong support and some wonderful sponsorship. This year, at a new venue, there was some sceptism, but through the good work of our committee members Margaret Barton, Carol Jarick, Helen Walker and member Margaret Neill, we received some tremendous donations and in kind sponsorship The committee thanks all of the sponsors and donors for their wonderful support.

Primac Gurus from the Maranoa and South West strongly supported the third reunion!

List of attendees were: Chris Todd, Sandy Todd, Helen Walker, Ian Bassett, Robert Brown, Glen Cameron Margie Clifford, Cyril Close, Gavin Colwell, Lietcha Colwell, Glenn Dunn, Jocelyn Dunn, Steve Goodhew, Richard Handley, Barb Handley, Peter Hayes, Greg Jacobsen, Rosemaree Jacobsen, Andrew Jensen, Carol Jarick, Malcolm Kinman, Julie Mayne, David Milford, Fred Morgan, Charlie Mort, Blake Munro, Margaret Neill, Brian Peake.

Invited sponsors in attendance were: Aimee, Chris, Courtney & Jon Taylor from Taylors Mechanical.

Apologies: Andrew Lewis, Mark Peters, Warren Hohnke, Vic Perkins, Steve Gaff, Scott Lusby, Barry Dixon, Darrol Crouch, Gary Mason, Neville & Carol Holden, Richard Street, Vivienne Merrick, Jerry O’Sullivan, Ian Lovegrove, Robin Hart, Mike Blume, Bernie Frawley, Geoff Birch, Andrew Scott, Ross Keillar, Chris Hamilton, Bill Jackson, Terry Lanskey, Steve Truman, John Aitkins, John O’Reilly, Kevin Hauff.

Apologies also from: Mick & Mardi Henricks from The Farmers Forge (sponsor)

Auction Report:

At this years reunion, Helen Walker, pre planned an auctioneers competition, pitting four current auctioneers, against four retired auctioneers. The competition certainly was among the highlights of the day. There may have been some last minute nerves, but in true Primac form, the quality and clarity of all of the competitors was second to none. Well done gentlemen!

The young team comprised current auctioneers, still in the game. They were, Peter Hayes, Cyril Close, Steve Goodhew and Gavin Colwell.

The retirees nominated were, Glen Cameron, Blake Munro, Glenn Dunn and Fred Morgan.

A special mention goes also to Malcolm Kinman. Even though Malcolm was not in the competition, he was given an opportunity to demonstrate his great skill as well.

The outstanding items that had been donated to the Primac Gurus cause, for the fundraising auction were well received by the crowd. A gross off $3,735.00 was raised from the auction. The results were:

And the competition winners were!

An astute panel of Judges adjudicated the auction proceedings, and after consultation, the winners were announced. Cyril Close came through to top the “working auctioneers” section receiving a medal along the way. Glenn Dunn, had lost nothing of his renowned banter, and topped the non working auctioneers section, also receiving a worthy medal along the way. The two, then met head to head for a final. The Judges, after much deliberation, could not split their vote, so both Glenn and Cyril went on to share the honours. Both received a prestigious gold cup for their efforts.

The competition, certainly created plenty of interest and a lot of fun through the afternoon. Congratulations to Helen Walker, for organising the effort, and sponsoring the trophies. Job well done!

Raffles a plenty!

Through the good work of the Reunion organisers, Carol Jarick, Helen Walker, Margaret Barton and Margaret Neill, the reunion’s multi draw raffle, was certainly well represented with some fantastic prizes. A great effort for all of the donors and sponsors.

A total of $730.00 was raised in raffle ticket sales. All of the funds raised will go back into future donations, partnering with selected charitable organisations, supporting rural Queensland.

Winners of the Multi Draw Raffles were:

  1. Bottle of Mumms Champagne donated by Margie Neill. Won by Sandy Todd
  2. Gift Box of Black Label Scotch & Nibbles donated by Margaret Barton. Won by Helen Walker.
  3. Gidgee Smith toiletry Bag & items, donated by Helen Walker. Won by Peter Hayes
  4. Large Bundaberg Rum, donated by Carol & Kevin Jarick. Won by Robert Brown
  5. Merchandising Gift Pack donated by the Santa Gertrudis Society. Won by David Milford
  6. Fluffy Blue Heeler Toys donated by the Queensland Country Life. Won by Steve Goodhew
  7. Bath Towel Set donated by Vivienne Merrick (nee Weise). Won by Carol Jarick.
  8. A bottle of Blue Label JW Scotch, donated by Carol and Kevin Jarick. Won by Carol Jarick, who kindly donated it onto sponsors the Taylor Family of Taylors Mechanical. Well done Carol what a great gesture.

Media coverage for the 2023 Roma Reunion was first class, both before and after the event!

Prior to the event, Primac Guru Barry Dixon, and his wife Bernie sponsored a generous advertising package through their community radio stations. RFM88 for Roma, and 4SG for St George. The Primac Gurus committee thank Barry and Bernie for giving us the airtime to promote the reunion.

Primac Gurus President Chris Todd, talks to Ben Dobbin!

President Chris Todd, was fortunate to promote the Primac Gurus reunion, and have a chat with Rural Queensland Today host, Ben Dobbin. Here is a link to Chris Todd’s interview.

QCL journalist Helen Walker was able to give a great wrap of the reunion in the Queensland Country Life issue on the 2nd November 2023. Here is the link to Helen’s article, along with some candid photos of the gathering.

It’s time to give back to rural Queensland!

In keeping with the fourth paragraph of the Primac Gurus mission statement, which states “We seek to raise charitable funds, through events, donations, and sponsorship with the intent of distributing funds back into rural Queensland communities”, to coincide with the 2023 reunion, the Committee planned two important cheque handover ceremonies/

On Friday afternoon the 27th of October, representatives of Primac Gurus Association Inc, met at the Lifeflight headquarters at the Roma airport, to formally handover a cheque for $4,000. Lifeflight was an easy choice, in recognising the excellent service they provide in saving lives right across rural Queensland. Their brand new hangar and facilities are first class, and it was certainly an honour to meet their management and response team.

The following Sunday the 29th of October, east bound travellers, returning from the Roma reunion, met at the Miles Historical Village for a cup of tea and scones with president, Kerry Mulholland and his energetic team. The purpose of the visit, was to present a Primac Gurus cheque for $1,000 to their museum. This was in recognition of the support the museum’s committee had given our Association, in providing space at their village for our Primac exhibit. There hospitality and generosity has been second to none.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery of the Reunion!

All in all the Primac Gurus 2023 Roma Reunion was an outstanding success. Time now to start planning for a bigger and better event in 2024.

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