Primac Gurus 2021 Reunion Report:

Primac Gurus 2021 Reunion saw attendees gathered at the City Golf Club Toowoomba, on Saturday the 30th October 2021, apprehension quickly turned to jubilation with some members catching up for the first time in over 40 years.

Barry Dixon welcomes Chris Todd (Master of Ceremonies) and Robin Hart (Patron)

Around 80 former employees and partners, of Primac Limited, and the mother companies of Primaries and Mactaggarts, gathered in Toowoomba for their inaugural reunion. The venue, the Eagle Room at the City Golf Club, with delegates arriving from all areas of Queensland and the Northern Territory. The organizing committee, part of the recently formed Primac Gurus Association Inc, must be congratulated for their planning, particularly with Covid 19 restrictions, in bringing this event to fruition.

It is fair to say, there could have been as much as 40 to 45 years between drinks, for many of the workmates had not seen each other for that long. In most cases, it was just like yesterday, it was evident that time had not dulled their enthusiasm one little bit.

The day commenced around 11.00am, by which time the room was buzzing. The bar had opened, there were generous servings of “finger food”, and the stories kept coming.

President Richard Handley introduces the Primac Gurus committee

At 12.30pm, the Master of Ceremonies for the day, Chris Todd called the room to order, and after an introduction and some housekeeping, he introduced Richard Handley, the Primac Gurus Association Inc President, to the dais.

Richard asked that his committee join him, then he introduced them to the audience. On behalf of the group, he welcomed all present, for making the effort to attend. During his speech, he outlined the vision of the Primac Gurus group, and invited attendees to come on board, and sign up for membership of the Association. Richard outlined the benefit of supporting the group in preserving and documenting the stories of working for such a great organization as Primac, and of course Primaries and Mactaggarts.

Richard thanked the effort put in by all of his committee, but importantly Marg Barton, Helen Walker and Carol Jarick for organizing the reunion.

Richard Handley speaks to the gathering

Primac Gurus President Richard Handley’s reunion speech:

“Good afternoon everyone”.

Thank you Chris Todd for your introduction. It is great to have you here to-day and supporting Primac Gurus. Thank you to both you and your wife Sandy for your contribution to our fundraising efforts. Please pass on our appreciation to the Santa Gertrudis Association for their support as well.

Chris and I go back over forty years to life as agents in Blackall. We will never forget the parties in Hawthorne Street and listening to endless renditions of Charlie Pride.

Today the Primac Gurus committee actually held it’s first “face to face” meeting and some of us actually met for the first time. To get to where we are at today has all been achieved simply with regular emails, phone calls and monthly zoom meetings. I will take the opportunity of addressing you today on why we have gone down the path we’ve taken and what has actually been going on at the Primac Gurus meetings.

To begin today’s program I would like to introduce our small but active committee who have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to get Primac Gurus Association operational.

 Firstly I will introduce one of the founding fathers, Warren Hohnke. Honk was said to have been having a quiet milkshake at that famous Greek Cafe, “The Spotted Cow”, when he was suddenly inspired about having a “bit of a get together” for people who used to work for Primac. A phone call to his mate Steve Gaff (Gaffy), the other founding father, in the Northern Territory, and all of a sudden Primac Gurus was off and running. Here we are today!

On the 30th October last year, exactly one year ago, these two posted the first message on Primac Gurus Facebook page. This has developed into the organisation we have become and why we have so many members here today, celebrating.

Also thank you Steve (Gaff) and your family for your generous support with your sponsorship to help with the launch of Primac Gurus.

Up to this point Primac Gurus was just a Facebook group. Under the guidance and encouragement of Steve Truman a Primac Gurus website was established and a domain name registered. This website is a very professionally developed site on which all historical information will be stored, and easily found, for the future. Steve’s expertise has seen all photos, stories and memorabilia stored on this one, easy to find website. As you know postings on Facebook soon can’t be found and they simply disappear. This group will be forever indebted to Steve Truman’s early involvement and his contribution. Thank you Steve – it’s a pity you can’t be here with us today.

This Primac Gurus domain name was the property of Steve Truman’s company. Therefore, to protect the longevity of all this information a need arose for Primac Gurus to take ownership of the site. This was necessary to protect Primac Gurus so if ever Steve sold his business, or got hit by a bus the site would be under Gurus ownership and control.

This is where a bit of a hobby almost became a full time job. A management committee was formed and I was asked to become President. A position I have proudly accepted.

Greg Jacobsen took on the thankless and never ending job of Secretary. The paper war began in earnest. We had to become an incorporated, not for profit association. This required a constitution to be registered with the Office of Fair Trading with copies of our minutes forwarded to them. Greg, without your “dedication to doing the job right the first time” we would never have got to where we are today. Your persistence has paid off – sincere thanks.

Poor Carol Jarick our Treasurer. If anyone in the audience is having trouble with a bank, go see Carol. She will probably have all the answers. She certainly knows how to open a bank account for a not for profit association without an ABN, and where all signatories live in different localities. She has also become an expert on the many and varied ways funds can be forwarded to our bank account. This was full on for Carol but she got us there. Carol‘s family business is also one of our sponsors. Thank you Carol.

Our Vice-President is Barry Dixon. Barry is one of the Leyland Brothers of “no fixed address.” You never know where he will bob up or who he has run into. Barry had been involved in lots of organisations since his agency days and has lot to offer our association.

I would like to thank Margie Barton for the effort she has made in organising this reunion. Margie tracked down lots of work mates and it’s through her efforts many of you are here today.  She has been ably assisted in this organisation by one of our newer members, Helen Walker. Helen needs no introduction and her contact she makes with Gurus as she goes about her work are countless. Thank you ladies – you’ve left no stone unturned with your contributions to ensuring the success of this function.

Our last committee member is unfortunately an apology today. Andrew Lewis is our Central Queensland representative and is in the process of selling his business in Emerald and can’t be with us. With the sale of this business, it draws to an end the great contribution that the Lewis family have made to the agency business. Andrew’s father, Bill, started working for Farmer & Clarke in Jandowae in 1940 at the age of 15. To those who haven’t read it yet, I encourage you to hop on our website and read the Bill Lewis story. This epitomises what Primac Gurus have set out to achieve. A lot of this story was written by Bill himself. Unfortunately some of the story also comes from his eulogy which was presented by his sons. Please go home and use this story as your inspiration to record your life’s experiences. Don’t wait until your kids post parts of your eulogy on our site for survivors to remember you by.

Now that I have introduced this fantastic group of support staff who have taken us to where we are today- I will take a big breath and – “The committee of Primac Gurus Association Incorporated, a not for profit incorporated association with charitable status, ABN 43 758 548 241, Welcomes you to our inaugural reunion.”

Thanks for coming.

We are pleased to especially welcome our Foundation Patron Mr Robin Hart and his wife Del to this the first reunion of former Primac staff. The Hart family need little introduction as Robin was the last Chairman of the Board of Primac. Prior to that he served on the Board as a Director. He followed in the footsteps of his father, Sir Byrne Hart who was Chairman of the Mactaggart’s Board at the time of the merger. After the merger Sir Byrne served on the Board of the newly formed a company, Primac. We also thank the Hart family and Stockyard Beef for their generous support and sponsorship for this important function.

I would also like to make a special welcome to Margie Clifford. Margie, the wife of a great friend to many, Tim, who sadly is no longer with us, is here today purely because she is part of that great Primac Family. This is what Primac Gurus has set out to achieve, a continuing social contact amongst friends.

Next I’d like to welcome the partners of Primac Gurus to this reunion. Where would we be without them? They unselfishly managed the unpredictable hours their husbands worked, hosted and fed the uninvited visitors and manned the phones. It must have been purely for love as their efforts were never part of the salary package. Ladies your contributions were awesome.

Before I continue I will ask for a moments silence to remember those friends and work colleagues who sadly are no longer with us. You will have noticed for instance on the video clip that has been running today, a number of these workmates who are no longer with us. These are among the sort of legends we need to remember and never forget.

The Primac Gurus Mission Statement explains what our Associations intentions are:

Primac Gurus Mission Statement

Primac Gurus Association Inc. is an incorporated association fostered from a group of employees of Primac Limited with a vision to preserving the history of the company, the people and the towns/ communities that Primac had a presence in.

We provide a digital platform for former Primac employees to connect on a regular basis, to foster companionship, social interaction and welfare amongst our members and their families.

We recognise the value of capturing the biographical recounts of our member’s journey and experiences of life in rural Queensland and in the northern rivers region of New South Wales. We strive to digitally record this history and provide a lasting memory for members, family, friends and future generations.

We seek to raise charitable funds through events, donations and sponsorship with the intent of distributing funds back into rural communities.

Primac Gurus Association Inc. encourages a forum that will always be respectful of the diversity of our membership and the broader society. The Association further encourages all content to be of a non-political, non-racist and non-religious nature.”

Now, I’m not here to sell you a book or CD after I’ve finished speaking, I am here taking the opportunity to tell you of our future plans for Primac Gurus Association Incorporated and what you can do to help.

We currently have in excess of 350 Social Facebook members who at no cost, can visit our Facebook page. What we really need are paid up financial members. Yes, it is going to cost to keep the association going but we are in it for the long haul. By becoming a financial member there will be benefits down the track. The primary purpose is to keep our history readily available and I ask you to keep contributions flowing. The costs we face are – running and hosting our website, public liability insurance, auditor’s fees and the other fixed costs like bank charges.

We beg you, the former staff of Primac, to submit factual information that you can recall or have in a drawer somewhere. This can be in the way of branch staff updates, interesting branch stories, your own biography and any photos. The more fresh information that is published, the greater the interest in our Association.

We have long term goals for when there are funds are available. These goals include looking at putting back into the communities where we were represented, certainly establishing a museum of memorabilia and perhaps supporting organisations like LifeFlight. We are open to suggestions.

I hope this enlightens you on what has been going on up until now. We intend to publish regular news letters to members to keep you well informed in future projects.

I sincerely thank the sponsors of today’s event. They have made the day possible“.

Thanks for your attendance.” Richard Handley

Primac Gurus Co-Founders Steve Gaff & Warren Hohnke

Richard introduced the founding members of the Primac Gurus Facebook group, Steve Gaff and Warren Hohnke and invited them to say a few words. Together, they outlined their chat back in October 2020, with a vision to start a face book group of past employees of Primac. In their wildest dreams, they had no idea that exactly twelve months to the day that they made their first Facebook post to the group, that they would be meeting here with so many of their past colleagues. Today the Primac Gurus face book group has some 370 members.

Warren Hohnke and Steve Gaff, Gurus Co-Founders
Warren Hohnke takes to the microphone, supported by Steve Gaff, together they explain the origins of the Primac Gurus group.

Primac Gurus Patron Mr Robin Hart – strong supporter of the group

Robin Hart Primac Gurus Patron
Robin Hart

Shortly after, MC Chris, introduced the groups patron, Mr Robin Hart to address the audience.

Robin Hart and his family have a strong connection to the former pastoral houses of Mactaggarts and Primac Limited.

He was the last chairman of directors of the board of Primac. Robin, outlined further the family’s connection to the industry. He went on to say how honoured he was to be invited to be the groups first patron.

Mr. Robin Hart, had no hesitation in accepting the invitation to become the Primac Gurus inaugural Patron.

Patron Robin Hart’s reunion speech:

“Ladies and Gentleman“,

Firstly, thank you so much for the honour bestowed on me by inviting me to be your Patron of the newly formed body of the Primac Gurus. I am indeed very pleased to accept this honour and feel very privileged to be invited to do so.

Secondly, I do congratulate those involved in reviving the name ‘Primac’ by forming this Association of Gurus. The name of course arose from the merger of the two co-operative agency firms, with head offices in Brisbane, of ‘Primaries’ and ‘Mactaggarts’. This was a merger which was very successful and in spite of some difficult trading times, it grew and dominated in its field. Primac had 66 branch offices, while its wool subsidiary, Primac Pastoral Co., operated in Sydney, Newcastle and Goulburn. Soon after the merger, the head office moved from inner Brisbane, across the River from Creek Street to a very suitable building, with underground parking, at 109 Melbourne St. South Brisbane.

The name Primac became a strong and well recognised and respected brand name, in particular in Queensland and Northern NSW. PRIMAC, ‘the brand’, put a stamp on the Company at sale yards and country offices where the excellent service offered by the Firm, was well known and respected.  It certainly was a vast array of goods and services that the company provided too. The range covered the sale of commercial and stud livestock, wool brokering (and there is still a warehouse carrying the Mactaggart name in Newstead today}. Primac also covered Property and Real Estate, Merchandise, which carried a large range of goods to service the pastoral and agriculture industry. It also catered for other client needs in Insurance, Travel, Live export operation and acted as a Wool and livestock consultant. So Primac really played a vital role, and is well and truly worthy of keeping its name and history alive and remembered. I commend you for the effort which has gone in to make todays revival the success it clearly is, as is evident by the great roll up and excellent representation in the attendance here today. So please keep it up, for the sake of the name, the company, what it stood for in servicing the pastoral and farming industries, but most of all to you, the people in the company with the skills and contacts. You made it all work. After all, Primac’s well established and respected name would not have happened without the well trained, respected and loyal staff who created the service culture which was unique to the successful ‘Primac’.

On the merger I remember well when the two came together, at the time however, my connection was closer to the Mactaggart side. My Father Byrne Hart was the Chair of Mactaggarts at the time of the merger and I believe he became the Chair of the new entity. Byrne Hart and Eric Mactaggart were good friends had a lot in common, both through business and social connection. They each served their Country in the first World War, WW1, and both came home from Europe and were discharged as severely wounded. Byrne had received a shrapnel wound to the left side of his neck, while Eric had been badly gassed.  In spite of this they both made great recoveries and went on to build their very successful business and private lives and both were highly respected in Brisbane and in wider fields. Eric Mactaggart, however, did succumb to the gas damage to his lungs and died at the age of 53 which today is thought quite young.

Fortunately, well prior to this in 1956, Eric’s son Douglas had taken over from his father and became Managing Director of the firm. Mactaggarts continued to grow and prosper under his leadership until in 1975 when the rural industry suffered a severe recession resulting in extensive rationalisation and the collapse of many companies. It was then that Primaries and Mactaggarts wisely negotiated their merger. At this time Doug Mactaggart stepped aside as MD but remained on the   Board of the merged Company. I joined the Board of Primac in February 1990 and later, on the retirement of the then Chair, Alex Nason, I became Chairman in June 1991. The business was going well and we studied and took some sound strategic directions so that the company expanded its activities. At this time there was a concern held by some that once we became a fully formed Public Company, we were vulnerable to a takeover. The likely concerning Company to do this was Dalgety’s. At the time too I was a Director of Australian Meat and Livestock Corporation and a co-Director happened to be the MD of Dalgety’s. After I got to know him better, I was pleased to learn that this ‘potential take- over’ was far from their thoughts, or in fact their ability to do so.

We were, however, operating in an era of company takeovers and as Primac was expanding and doing well we knew were vulnerable to such an action. In 1998 Futuris /Elders raised their ugly head and we were soon ‘in the trenches’ in full take over protection mode. Futuris/Elders were able to purchase some larger parcels of shares held in the South and soon advanced to the stage where they could demand seats on the Board. Their targeted takeover progressed quickly from there. I resigned as Chairman in August 1998. For a while the company became Primac/Elders but it was not long before the respected name of Primac , with all its good will,  was stripped by the new owners, who continued to trade as Elders. This was a very sad demise to a great Company and a strong company name. But here we have the chance through the formation of the Gurus to preserve the name Primac and keep alive its worthy memory.  Again, my sincere thanks and appreciation go to you today for making this revival to happen. Primac and what it stood for can live on for us all

Kind regards

Robin Hart AM


Auctioneer Warren Hohnke taking the bids at the fundraising auction.

Hand Plaited Whip tops at $2,350 in the Primac Gurus Fundraising Auction.

A fundraising auction was held to raise some well needed funds to support the newly elected committee, in creating and hosting an online website.

The website is a shared vision for the benefit of recording the history and biographies of Primac branches, its people, and memorabilia. This has been embraced by the 370 face-book members of the group. It will provide a permanent record, to foster a sense of connection amongst its members and their families.

The auction was well represented, with an offering of items, presented from Dalby, Toowoomba, Hervey Bay, Burrum Heads, Goomeri, Emerald and Brisbane.

Buyer competition was strong, with spirited bidding coming from the floor, with buyers from the Maranoa, the Warrego, the Wide Bay and Burnett, Brisbane, and local areas. Successful buyers also came from the Northern Territory, and one international buyer all the way from Papua New Guinea.

Lot 1:         2.5kg Gold Sirloin Meat Pack donated by Stockyard Beef (Hart Family) sold to Carol Jarick of Mango Hill for $400.00

Lot 2:         2.5kg Gold Sirlion Meat Pack donated by Stockyard Beef (Hart Family) sold to Cyril & Sue Close, Roma for $450.00

Lot 3:         A beautifully presented handmade ladies pen donated by Neil Rogerson of Hervey Bay, sold to Rosemaree Jacobsen of Burrum Heads for $375.00

Lot 4: Another hand made pen, crafted from Australian hardwood timber, donated by Neil Rogerson of Hervey Bay, sold to John O’Reilly of Cinnabar for $220.00

Lot 5:         An A4 Caricature drawing donated by Graeme McCullough of Grazart, Dalby, selling to Mike Quinn of Lae PNG for $525.00

(NB: The attached photo is an example only, depicting a caricature drawing of Richard & Barb Handley’s granddaughter, and is a sample of the great work mastered by Graeme)

Lot 6:         A six bottle pack of Australian wine, donated by the Santa Gertrudis Breeders Association Australia and Chris and Sandy Todd, selling to Helen Walker of Toowoomba for $400.00

Lot 7:         “Primac Gurus in Action”. A sketch of a saleyard auction scene, framed and ready to hang, kindly donated by Dr. Felicity Smout, an artist from Burrum Heads. Steve and Sharon Goodhew from Roma were the buyers at $700.00

Lot 8:         A hand made Australian hardwood hat rack, crafted and donated by Greg Jacobsen of Burrum Heads. It sold for $500.00 to Robin & Dell Hart of Stockyard Beef.

Lot 9:         2.5kg Gold Striploin Meat Pack donated by Stockyard Beef (Hart family) selling for $350.00 to Andrew O’Brien of Cunnamulla.

Lot 10:       Hand plaited kangaroo hide whip crafted by the late Peter Bondfield and kindly donated by Gary Mason of Toowoomba. Selling to Steve and Bridget Gaff of Alice Springs for a healthy $2,350.00.

Lot 11:       A limited edition “Primac Gurus 2021” RB Sellars polo shirt, donated by Andrew Lewis of Emerald, selling to Ashley Loveday of Dalby for $100.00

**The Gurus thank Carol and Kevin Jarick and their business, Skills on Demand, for their assistance in the production of the Primac Gurus polo shirts. **

Lot 12:       An original & still new “Primac” cricket hat, straight from the pool room of Neville Holden, of Goomeri sold for $50.00 to Chris Hamilton of Longreach

The sale grossed a healthy $6,420.00, with a 100% clearance. The auction was expertly conducted by Primac Guru, Warren Hohnke, ably assisted by fellow gurus, Steve Gaff, Chris Todd, and Greg Jacobsen.

We thank Barry Dixon, for capturing this vision and posting to the Primac Gurus Youtube Channel.

Fundraising Raffles a huge success

Following on from the auction, a multi draw raffle was drawn. Once again this would not have been possible without a great range of items donated for the cause. A full report of the raffle and winners follows:

Raffle Result A multi draw raffle was held at the Primac Gurus reunion. A great range of prizes were donated for the raffle, and the committee thanks our sponsors for the event. They included the Hart Family of Stockyard Beef, The Santa Gertrudis Breeders Australia Association, Chris and Sandy Todd, & Jerry O’Sullivan.

Raffle Result

Paul McIntosh  Santa Gertrudis Wine Pack
Jim Gibbs  Santa Gertrudis Wine Pack
Marilyn Kenneally Santa Gertrudis Wine Pack
David & Merilyn Steffensen 2.5kg Gold Sirloin Beef Pack
Richard & Barb Handley                 Santa Gertrudis Book
Not recorded“Brigalow to Bulldust” Book
Raffle Prize Winners

Paul McIntosh was a lucky winner of a wine gift pack

Thank you to our Reunion Sponsors

The Primac Gurus committee wish to thank the support given the sponsors and donors for the day. They included:

Robin and Dell Hart of Stockyard Beef. Their assistance came in the form of 10kg of their Gold Branded Sirloin Beef, as well a contribution to the supply of the 2021 Truckers Caps.

The Santa Gertrudis Breeders Australia Association combined with Chris and Sandy Todd. Together they provided a range of Australian wines and gift packs and a book.

Jerry O’Sullivan. Jerry generously donated a copy of his book. A biography of his life “Brigalow to Bulldust”

Gary Mason. Gary donated a hand plaited whip by the late Peter Bondfield.

Dr Felicity Smout, an original piece of art titled “Primac Gurus in Action” A depiction of a saleyard scene, beautifully framed and ready to hang.

Graeme McCullough of Grazart, a well known Downs caricature artist, donated an A4 caricature.

Neil Rogerson donated two beautifully crafted pens.

Andrew Lewis for his donation of his Primac Gurus 2021 polo shirt

Greg Jacobsen hand crafted Australian hardwood hat rack

Carol and Kevin Jarick and their family business Skills on Demand for their donation that assisted in production of the Primac Gurus polo shirts

Steve and Bridget Gaff of Red Centre Rural for their assistance in producing the Primac Gurus truckers caps.

All attendees were invited to participate in Group photos:

‘Primac Group’ Photo

Primac Group Photo

The ‘Primac Group’ at the Reunion 30/10/21.Left to right Steve Goodhew, Ross Ruhle, Noel Grant, Bruce Shepard, Paul McIntosh (back), Chris Hamilton, Keith McRobert, Terry Lanskey, Richard Handley, Carol Jarrick, Ross Keane, Geoff Birch, Del Hart, Robin Hart, Ashley Loveday (behind Robin Hart), Rick Tyrer, Doona Campbell, Nev Holden, Bill Smith, Barry Dixon, Carol Holden, Mal Walker, Steve Gaff, Ronnie Stewart, Warren Hohnke, Charlie Mort, Marilyn Keneally, Josh Lockwood, Andrew O’Brien, Peter Hayes, David Steffensen (obscured), Mark Peters, Cyril Close, Sue Close.

Mactaggart’s Group Photo

Mactaggart Employees

The “Mactaggarts Group” at the Reunion 30/12/21: From the left Jim Gibbs(1968), Glen Cameron(1970), Barry Dixon(1965), Tom Crothers, Tony Nash(1970), Jerry O’Sullivan(1967), Greg Jacobsen(1973), Neil Donaldson(1974), Gary Mason(1973), Trevor Francis(1972) and Vic Perkins(1964), Front from left Margy Barton(1967), Helen Walker(1974), Margaret Neil(1972), and Robin Hart(last Primac chairman & the Gurus Patron) Bruce Vidgen-absent(1960)

Primaries Group Photo

Primaries Employees

Photo 3: The “Primaries Group: at the Reunion 30/12/21: From the left Terry Lanskey (1963), Richard Handley (1966), Barb Handley(1967), Bill Smith (1972), Bill Edwards (1971)

Vote of thanks to Master of Ceremonies:

As the close of the celebrations was coming to a conclusion, Vice President Barry Dixon addressed the audience. He thanked everybody for coming and making the day such an enjoyable event. Finally, he moved a vote of thanks to Mr Chris Todd for attending to the MC duties for the day.

As the drinks flowed, and the afternoon wore on, the Reunion was deemed a “roaring” success, our official photographers for the day, Helen Walker and Gary Mason captured the activities with true professionalism.

Click or tap on any image to open the Primac Gurus Reunion Gallery

Primac Gurus Membership steadily increase since the reunion:

Following on from President Richard Handley’s introduction at the reunion, membership numbers have been on the increase. In his address he outlined the long term vision of the Gurus, and for that to come to fruition, requires some financial input. An important next step, will require an ongoing commitment to host the website, and shortly, the committee will need to establish a level of professional indemnity insurance. As Richard outlined, as the Association is now registered as a charitable organisation, there will be further auditor fees to consider, as well.

The reunion, combined with the fundraising auction, raffles and sponsorship has provided an injection of much needed funds, but importantly the financial members commitment to invest in the Gurus vision by joining the Association has been a blessing. Once again, as Richard outlined, further “down the track” the committee would like to extend the Gurus charitable status, to further fundraising activities, to inject funds back to the rural communities and their residents in times of need. Particularly the rural towns where former Primac agents and their families once worked and lived in.

Prior to the reunion on the 30th October, our membership stood at 26. The numbers have now grown since, to 39, with new applications still being processed. If you consider, you would like to become a financial member, it is a simple matter of clicking on the link below to complete the online application. For an investment of just $30.00 per year, plus a once only joining fee of $30.00 you can become involved in a community of former employees of Primac Limited. Just click the add to cart button below and purchase your membership right here.

$30.00 now, and $30.00 on July 1st each year and a $30.00 joining fee

Becoming a financial member of Primac Gurus Association Inc will…

Guests for the reunion came from across the state and the Northern Territory.

Here is a list of names of those that could attend:

Margaret Barton, Geoff and Linda Birch, Glen and Laurel Cameron, Col and Doone Campbell, Margaret Clifford, Cyril and Sue Close, Tom and Mai Crothers, Barry Dixon, Neil Donaldson, Bill Edwards, Lance and Margaret Fox, Trevor Francis, Steve and Bridget Gaff, Jim and Ann Gibbs, Steve and Sharon Goodhew, Noel Grant, Gary and Jenny Greer, Chris Hamilton, Richard and Barb Handley, Robin and Del Hart, Peter Hayes, Neville and Carol Holden, Warren Hohnke, Emma Hyde, Greg and Rosemaree Jacobsen, Carol Jarick, Ross Keane, Marilyn Kenneally, Terry Lanskey, Josh Lockwood, Ashley Loveday and his wife, Gary Mason, Paul McIntosh, Keith McRobert, Charlie Mort, Tony Nash, Margaret Neill, Andrew O’Brien, John O’Reilly, Jerry O’Sullivan, Vic Perkins, Mark Peters and wife, Ross Ruhle, Andrew Scott, Bruce and Kathy Sheppard, Bill Smith, David and Miriam Steffensen, Ron Stewart, Grant and Kathy Stone, Chris and Sandy Todd, Rick and Julie Tyrer, Bruce and Audrey Vigden, Helen Walker, Mal Walker.


Many others called to offer their apologies. All wished they could make it but for various reasons, was not possible, but will look forward to further events: List of apologies were:

Lionel & Annette Arthur, Dennis Cotter, Andrew and Paula Lewis, Brian Peake, Pat Bishop, Campbell Cooney, Col and Kathy Jaques, Richard Street, Elaine Brown, Graham and Sue Webb, Ian Hawgood, Tina fulton- Kennedy, Tony Dunn, Brett Heading, Kevin Hauff, Bernie Frawley, Glenda Underwood, Rodney Gajj, Eric and Claire Bassingthwaighte, Jock McPherson, John Houghton, Steve Truman, Vivienne Merrick, Cameron Elmes, Brendan Twidale, Arn Grealy, Katrina Popplewell (Arneil), Les Dunstan, Scott Lusby, Mrs Glen Mactaggart, Catherine Mactaggart, Doug Haigh.

Media Coverage

The inaugural Primac Gurus reunion had coverage online and in the physical copy of the Queensland Country Life thanks to Primac Gurus Helen Walker and Gary Mason.

Link to the online story which also has a good image gallery

Primac Gurus remember the good times and long lasting friendships at reunion

Here is a screenshot of the coverage in the QCL Thursday 4th November 2021

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