Primac first Teleauction 7th March 1985

What about livestock sale by description. I found the newspaper clipping below of the very first Primac teleauction sale.

Remember John Higgins flying around the state with his TV crew. The first Primac Teleauction sale was held on the 7th March 1985. I can still remember John Erbacher doing a superb job, running the auction from the Channel 10 studios.

In Miles we had a bidding station at the Queensland Hotel. Miles was one of the most western bidding stations, as further west only had one TV channel at the time, the good old ABC.

Primac  Teleauction

“The photo in the newspaper clipping shows Gary Ward ( Primac Miles) on the phone, with Fred Morgan (back to the Camera) Primac manager from Mitchell and client Keith Coward.”

Photo and comment by Greg Jacobsen

Keith Coward had just purchased a property at Jackson, and used the teleauction sale to partly stock the property. Keith and his wife Shirley and family, went on to become long term and loyal clients of the Miles branch.

There is a typo in the newspaper clipping. It says there was just 180 head offered in the sale, and Miles clients purchased 220 head. (That doesn’t add up) I reckon there may have been 1180 or maybe 1800 head in the sale, some other Guru may still have that information.

Any way this was one of the first examples of sale by description, Elders was also dabbling with a video auction as well at the time, but pretty shore Primac got the jump on them.

Story first posted to the Gurus facebook page by Greg Jacobsen 26/02/2021

John Erbacher, legendary Primac auctioneer performing at his best!

Here is some rare footage of a 1988 Primac Teleauction. Primac led the charge in “sale by description” of livestock during the 1980’s. Long before internet, CALM and Auctionplus. Renowned Toowoomba based Primac auctioneer, the late John Erbacher, led the charge, in his polished manner, offering some great cattle from across Queensland. John was supported at the studio bidding terminals, by some equally well known Gurus. See if you can recognize some familiar faces, manning the phones. There is also vision of the late John Higgins, another Primac Guru, who played a leading role in the development of Primac Teleauctions. John shares some common sense pointers in becoming a great agent. It’s well worth a view. This footage was made available from the WIN television studios in Toowoomba, just in time for the recent Primac Gurus reunion. I believe it came at great expense ( a couple of bottle of top shelf red, I’m told) Thank you Richard Handley for your persistence in tracking this footage down.

Story first posted to the Gurus facebook page by Greg Jacobsen 26/11/2021

A gesture of goodwill by Primac Guru, Richard Handley

At our recent reunion at City Golf Club in Toowoomba one of the staff there got quite a shock when she looked at a shot on the big screen. Olivia had never seen or heard her famous grand father in full voice at an auction sale and was quite overcome when she spotted him in action. Today I met with Olivia and gave her a copy of the clip showing her grand father, John Erbacher, selling at one of Primac Teleauctions. Her smiling face reflected her appreciation of our gesture.

Story first posted to the Gurus facebook page by Richard Handley 10/12/2021

Primac stud stock auctioneer, Glenn Dunn, performs at his best at one of Primacs’ very first Teleauctions!

One of Primacs’ best long standing Stud Stock auctioneers, Mr Glenn Dunn, dutifully “calls the bids” at one of the early Teleauctions. This time it was, a special Brahman Bull Sale. The market appeared to be somewhat tough, but as was usual, Glen has kept the momentum of the auction going, adding some well styled humour along the way.

There are some rather youthful agents on the studio bidders panel, remembering that the vision is from an early sale, circa 1985.

Note: Special thanks to Glenn Dunn for providing this video footage, and thanks also to Margaret Barton for arranging to have the VHS tape converted to a digital format. Story first posted to the Gurus facebook page by Greg Jacobsen 7/3/22

Murgon First Teleauction Australian Hotel. About a 27 year old young Mike Wheeler

Story first posted to the Gurus facebook page by Andrew Lewis 3/4/22

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