Performance Feeds, a successful joint venture for Primac

Performance Feeds

Through the Primac Chairman, Robin Hart, we were introduced to an American nutritionist Dr Hollis Klett. Hollis had been doing some consulting work for Robin and a few other feedlots. As well as consulting in the US, Hollis also had a liquid supplement business. He was keen to develop a similar business in Australia and we commenced discussions with him. As a result, Performance Feeds was setup on a 50/50 joint shareholding with Hollis and a liquid supplement plant was constructed at Kingsthorpe to supply product for feedlots and the grass fed markets. The arrangement was that Performance Feeds would supply feedlots on a direct basis and Primac would deliver the range product Anipro. Some of you will have fond memories of the Anipro trucks delivering product.

Performance Feeds was and still is highly successful and a leader in liquid supplementation with plants now at Kingsthorpe, Kyneton and Dalby. Primac received an annual dividend from Performance Feeds and distribution of Anipro for a period of time. A clause in the shareholding agreement was that if either party was taken over and the surviving partner didn’t approve of the new partner then they could buy the other 50% shareholding. Hollis enacted this clause when Elders acquired Primac and took 100% control.

A field study trip to Colorado in the USA by Bruce Sneddon and Dr. Hollis Klett, resulting in the joint venture between Dr Hollis and Primac to form Performance Feeds.

Picture 1 is Bruce Sneddon and Dr. Hollis Klett of Performance Feeds standing next to an Anipro trough in Colorado USA

Picture 2 is Bruce and Hollis talking to a group of ranchers in Colorado

Picture 3 is cattle on range country in Colorado

Photos courtesy of Wayne Fischer

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