Mitchell Branch

Company: Mactaggarts
Date Opened:
First Manager:

Mitchell Branch history has been contributed to by these Primac Gurus:
Dennis Cotter, Fred Morgan, Campbell Cooney
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1968 Mactaggarts
Stan Cook,
Branch Manager

1969 Mactaggarts
Stan Cook, Branch Manager

1975 Primaries Mactaggarts Co – Operative Assoc LTD
Tim Clifford,
Branch Manager

John Moody, Branch Manager (transferred IN from Branch Managers position at Blackall Branch)

John Moody, Branch Manger

John Moody, Branch Manager ( Transferred OUT to Tara Branch as Branch Manager)
Dennis Cotter, Branch Manager ( Transferred IN from New Guinea Pastoral Supplies. Appointed on the 1st January and 3 months later transferred to Branch Managers position at Julia Creek Branch)
Colin Palmer, Branch Manager ( Transferred in from ??????)

Fred Morgan, Branch Manager (Transferred IN from Alpha Branch as Branch Manager in June 1984.)
Miss Simms, Accounts

Fred Morgan, Branch Manager
Miss Simms, Accounts

Fred Morgan, Branch Manager
Miss Simms, Accounts (Retired June 1986 after much pressure and suffering a mini-stroke)
Joanne Beitz, Accounts (commenced 1986)

Fred Morgan, Manager at Mitchell introduced Mr Keith Coward to the Teleauction sale at Miles bidding station in 1986. (Photo & Article: courtesy of Greg Jacobsen)

Fred Morgan, Branch Manager (Transferred OUT to Branch Manager role at Millmerran Branch in November 1987)
Joanne Beitz, Accounts

(Information for 1984 to 1987 kindly supplied by David (Fred) Morgan)

Danny Duff, Branch Manager (Transferred IN from Stock Sales role at Cunnamulla Branch)
Campbell Cooney, Stock / Merch Sales (Transferred IN from Stock Sales role Caton’s Primac Toowoomba Branch)

Morning smoko at the Mitchell office in 1988. Danny Duff the manager and it was a great place to work. Many great memories.

Photo and Caption – Campbell Cooney

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