Michael Barron

Was great to catch up with an old mate last week, Michael Barron. Mick comes from a stable of quality cattlemen and is the nephew of Oakey legend Bill Barron RIP who was taken tragically by flood water back in February 1988 at Cooyar.

He also had another uncle Neil Barron RIP who worked for Primac at Biloela for long time.

Michael also hails from Cooyar and joined the successful Catons Primac selling team back in the late 80’s joining the likes of Caton, Grant & Erbacher.

I first met him around this time at an auctioneer school in Toowoomba that John Higgins RIP was running and you could tell back then he was to be a “Primac Star Pupil”. Mick took to auctioneering, marketing cattle and importantly live weight estimations like a duck to water.

After about 18 months at Harristown an auctioneer was needed at Roma and Mick transferred there to replace Robert Bourke and teamed up initially with David Friend in stock sales & Tony Creigh was the manager. Tony departed and was replaced by caretaker manager Noel Grant until Jock McPherson’s appointment.

Later with staff movements Adrian Dick arrived as assistant manager and Steve Goodhew was added to the livestock department. Jock, Adrian, Mick & Steve formed a very credible livestock team and lifted Primac’s presence in the yards significantly.

Roma selling team of the early 90’s Jock McPherson, Adrian Dick, Michael Barron & Steve Goodhew.
Photo courtesy of Jock McPherson

Other staff from our combined memories around this time Ross Keiler, Maureen Latta, Dianne Humphreys, Alanne Godden (nee Hacker) and Paul Lynch (Kerry’s brother). Ross Palmer took over from Jock when he moved on and at Elders Merger time Michael decided to leave Primac himself after about 8 years service.

Since then Michael has carved out a great career buying cattle for himself, other private clients and is a strong supporter of the Roma and Blackall Saleyards to mention a couple. He partnered up with his brother Paul as Barron Brothers Livestock and they can be found right across the state buying cattle weekly. Michael and his lovely wife Gabby still call Roma home and live at “Clover Hills” and have four grown up children Zoe, Thomas, Ellen and Kate.

” Michael Barron operating at Roma Sale”

“Mick Barron a regular at Roma and Blackall sales”

“Michael Barron 15th June 2021”

Written & published by Richard Street

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