Mactaggart House – 43 Creek Street, Brisbane City

New Head Office Building

“Over recent years the increase in staff and the diversification of the Association’s activities have overtaxed the capacity of our two buildings in Creek Street. The design and space limitations or our present Head Office vare making it impossible for us to organise for maximum efficiency and to cater for expansion programme. After over 12 months investigation including feasibility studies by experts., the Board has decided that a new Mactaggarts Head Office building of 16 levels will be erected on the present site. Demolition and construction will in mid November. The building will be designed for us to increase our efficiency and to maintain our policy of close personal friendship with our clients. While the existing buildings on this site are demolished, and the new building erected, the office of Mactaggarts will be located in Campbell’s building. Creek Street, which has been leased for a period of 18 months during construction. I wish to make it clear that the new building will be financed by the A.M.P. Society, and no Association funds necessary for assistance to clients will be utilised in this venture.”

This precis of the new Head Office was presented by the Chairman of the Board, Byrne Hart, and has been extracted from his report in the 1969 Mactaggarts Annual Report

Mactaggarts PPCA Ltd announces the planning of a new building in a Queensland Country Life article on September 18, 1969

“Mactaggart milestone!” as reported in the Queensland Country Life on the 21st October 1971

The Queensland Country Life ran a 20 page feature in their 14th October 1971 newspaper, coinciding with the opening of the newly built 12 story building, Mactaggart House.

Branch Managers were called to Brisbane for the opening. “We only open a new Head Office building once in a lifetime” mentioned Doug Mactaggart in his memo to branch Managers.

NOTE: Acknowledgement to Bruce Vidgen for his contribution to this article.

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