Ian Philp

Primac Roma merchandise manager Ian Philp, master salesman at the Maranoa Wether Trial, securing a sale of the first Gun Crutcha.

1981: Ian commenced employment with Primac Limited in Head Office. Like many gurus before him, Ian worked in the mail room, under the guidance of Bert Wotherspoon.

1982 – 1985: Transferred to Roma as trainee. Robert Brown was the branch manager, Malcolm Kinman, and Ron Jensen were in the livestock department with G. Nicholson in merchandise and Patricia Lenihan in office administration and accounts. Other trainees at the time at Roma were Ray Gray and Dennis Wilson,

1985: Transferred to Miles in a merchandise sales role. Greg Jacobsen was the branch manager, and Melody Rynne was office administration and accounts.

1986: Resigned from Primac to commence with CIC Insurance in Toowoomba

1987: Rejoined Primac Limited as insurance officer in Roma branch. Ross Stewart (RIP) was the branch manager, Ross Keilor, Merchandise and Stock salesmen were Allan Leech and David Friend

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