Gurus Bio / History Writing Guide

The aim of writing a Gurus Bio / History, be it your own, a relative or a deceased Guru is to create a historically accurate digital record and description of the Gurus life and career for future generations.

In starting to write the Bio / History, first do a Google search of the Gurus name and where they worked (eg Primac) or lived (town) and see what comes up. Looking at the search results, ask yourself is this what I (or the person you are doing it for) want to be remembered for? Remember if nothing comes up, it is as if that person never existed, and you are about to change that.

Writing and publishing a Gurus Bio / History to the Primac Gurus website is a unique opportunity for you to write, record and digitize your own (or the person you are doing) life, history, and story for future generations.  

Writing Format & Guidelines

Below is a format / guide for writing the Bio / History. There are some particularly good examples on the Primac Gurus site. If you are looking for inspiration take a look at the bio / Histories of Richard Handley, Vic Perkins, Richard Street or Alan Ferguson. While they are all different they follow this basic format.

Section 1 – Early Life

Things to include in this section can be:

  • Year of birth.
  • Parents Names, including mother’s family name (important for generations to come who are doing family histories and family trees.)
  • Siblings, numbers, and names.
  • Where grew up, e.g.  Town / farming district.
  • Education: Which schools attended.

Section 2 – Early Career

  • First Job/s, leading up to start of agency career.
  • Any stories, significant events relevant to this time.

Section 3 – Agency Career

  • This section is broken up into departments and or branches where you / they worked.
  • The years from and to, when you / they where in each department, branches.
  • Who were the other staff at each location?
  • Who you / they replaced when you / they went there and who replaced you / them when you / they moved on.
  • Any stories you want to tell about those years, events, clients etc.
  • The people you / they worked with in those areas.
  • Include Qualifications, awards, recognitions.
  • Marriages, Children births important milestones.

Section 4 – Post Agency Careers

  • Post agency careers, quiet often this will be more extensive than the agency career, but it no less important.
  • If doing your own please do this up to what you are doing now.

Community Service, Awards, Life Achievements

Please include wherever appropriate community service activities, awards, recognitions, example service clubs (Rotary, Lions, Apex etc) CWA, Show Societies, Charities, Volunteering.  


Please submit as many photos as possible – photos of Newspaper clippings, memorabilia – anything that you want digitized for eternity.

Bio / History Length.

There is no limit, include as much detail and stories as you want. The more the better – remember you are writing history here.

Submitting the Bio / History

Please do the Bio / History on a Word document (or equivalent if you use a Mac). To submit the document and photos go to the Primac Gurus website – Contact Page.

Fill out the form and upload the Word Doc and all your photos there. If you have more than 10 files, then send them in batches.

Once the Bio / history is added to the website, you will get an email with a link to check it and request any edits or changes before it is shared with the Gurus on the facebook group page.

You can download this guide as a word doc and save it to your computer for future reference if you wish.