Gin Gin Branch

Company: Mactaggarts
Branch Opened: Was reopened in May 1968 after being closed in 1951
First Manager: Lester Robinson OIC on reopening

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Andrew Lewis
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“1977 still signed Mactaggarts two years after merger – Photo Andrew Lewis”

1968 Mactaggarts
Lester Robinson, Branch Manager (Branch reopened in May 1968, Lester was transferred in from OIC position at Surat Branch)

1969 Mactaggarts
Peter Collins, Branch Manager

Bruce Brown,
Branch Manager
Lyle Dwyer, Merch Sales

1975 Primaries Mactaggarts Co – Operative Assoc LTD
Bruce Brown,
Branch Manager
Lyle Dwyer, Merch Sales

Bruce Brown, Branch Manager (Transferred OUT to Branch Managers position at Ipswich Branch)
Trevor Francis, Branch Manager (Transferred IN from OIC position Murgon Branch)
Lyle Dwyer (RIP), Merch Sales (Resigned and went to repping Taktic)
Arthur Salisbury, Merch Sales (Replaced Lyle Dwyer, transferred IN from ???????)
Gaylene Roebuck, Office / Accounts

Trevor Francis, Branch Manager (Resigned and moved to Mt Isa to take up a livestock role with Tancreds Meats)
David Milford, Branch Manager (In from OIC position at Baralaba Branch & was to go on and be Gin Gin’s longest serving Manager )
Arthur Salisbury, Merch Sales (Resigned & also went repping Taktic)
Andrew Lewis, Merch Sales
Gaylene Roebuck, Office / Accounts

1978 to at least 2000
David Milford,
Branch Manager

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