Emerald Branch

Company: Primaries
Date Opened: 1958 (approx)
First Manager: Eric Loch

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Primaries Emerald commenced approximately 1958, with the first Manager being Eric Loch who operated out of two
rented rooms at Loch’s Garage, located on the corner of Egerton and Borilla Street in the main street of Emerald.

Eric was capably assisted by Claire Liddleton and Kathleen Waldby (nee Smith), as office staff. During this time a new office was being built on the corner of Clermont and Borilla street.

Primc Emerald Branch office opened in 1960

“Primac’s Purpose built office on the corner of Clermont and Borilla street”

Photo – Andrew Lewis

In 1960, a young John Millroy having completed two years as Jackaroo on “Coorumburra” at Marlborough was employed by Mr Jack Wyland as Merchandise and General Hand. He along with the existing staff moved into the new premises the same year. Four years later, in 1964, John was appointed Branch Manager when Eric Loch retired. John Millroy held this position for nearly 20 years.

Andrew Lewis has supplied a summary of staff during this early period and apologises if some have been missed or misspelt.

Stock Sales
Jim Mcintosh
Keith Carrington
Bob Batts
Charlie Highfield

Merch Sales
Robert Brown
Geoff Searles
Eugene Ryan (later a Bayer Rep)
Phil Lewis
Roy Woods
Andrew Lewis

Office / Accounts
Kathleen Waldby nee Smith (Transferred to Head Office)
Shirley Harney
Shirley Richardson nee Dendall
Flo Haswell
Don Sutherland
Sharon Palmer
Jackie Hawkins nee Walters
Jan Gimm nee Hough (transferred in from Blackall Branch)
Nan Stevenson (transferred in from Springsure)

In 1983 Bill Lewis transferred in from Manager Barcaldine Branch as Central Highlands Property Sales and took over as Branch Manager Emerald when John resigned. John Millroy moved to Yeppoon where he developed a successful property development & real estate business.

In the nearly 50 years of the Emerald branch being open until 2004 of which approximately 40 years being Primaries to Primac 1997 the Emerald branch had only six managers.

Emerald Branch Managers (1958 – 1997)

Eric Loch , 1958 – 1964 (Retired R.I.P)
John Millroy, 1964 -1983 (Resigned, moved to Yeppoon)
Bill Lewis (RIP), 1983 – 1985 (Resigned, moved to Spring Creek Wyandra)
Richard Thomson, 1985 – 1989 (Transferred in from Mackay Branch, out to Rockhampton Branch Manager)
Andrew Lewis, 1989 (Resigned, moved to Spring Creek, Wyandra)
Peter Reynolds (RIP), 1990 – 1992 (Transferred out to Rockhampton Branch)
Andrew Lewis, 1992 – 1997 (Continuing on with PEL & Elders until he resigned in 2004, starting his own private agency in opposition.)

Timeline Commencement

John Millroy, Branch Manager
Bob Batts, Stock Sales
Andrew Lewis, Merch Sales (transferred in from Merchandise role at Cunnamulla Branch)
?????, Office / Accounts

John Millroy, Branch Manager
Bob Batts, Stock Sales
Andrew Lewis, Merch Sales
Jan Gimm, Office / Accounts

John Millroy, Branch Manager
Charlie Highfield, Stock Sales
Andrew Lewis, Merch Sales
Jan Gimm, Office / Accounts

1981 Emerald Branch Staff

‘John Millroy Emerald Branch Manager for a remarkable 20 years”

‘Emerald Branch Merchandise Salesman, a young Andrew Lewis’

“Emerald Branch Stock Salesman Charlie Highfield (in the saddle)”

“Jan Gimm nee Hough – Hard at it in the Emerald Office’

Photos – Andrew Lewis

John Millroy, Branch Manager
Charlie Highfield, Stock Sales
Bill Lewis (RIP), Central QLD Property Specialist (transferred in from Branch Managers role at Barcaldine Branch)
Andrew Lewis, Merch Sales
Nan Stevenson, Office / Accounts

John Millroy, Branch Manager (Resigned after nearly 20 years as Emerald Branch Manager and moved to Yeppoon moving into Property Development)
Bill Lewis (RIP), Branch Manager (Took over as Branch Manager)
Charlie Highfields, Stock Sales (Transferred out to Alpha Branch as O.I.C)
Andrew Lewis, Merch Sales (Transferred out to Murgon Branch as Stock Salesman)
Nan Stevenson, Office / Accounts

Bill Lewis, Branch Manager

Bill Lewis, Branch Manager (Resigned from the company and moved to the property he had just purchased, “Spring Creek” at Wyandra)
Richard Thomson, Branch Manager (Transferred in from Mackay Branch)

Richard Thomson,
Branch Manager

Richard Thomson,
Branch Manager

Richard Thomson,
Branch Manager

Andrew Lewis,
Branch Manager (Transferred in from Clermont Branch, resigned later in the year to move
to the family block “Springcreek”, Wyandra)

Peter Reynolds,
Branch Manager

Peter Reynolds,
Branch Manager

Peter Reynolds,
(Transferred to Stock Sales Rockhampton Branch)
Andrew Lewis, Branch Manager (Rejoined the company after a couple of years out)
Kylie Lang, (nee Penny), Office / Accounts (transferred in from Cunnamulla Branch)

Andrew Lewis,
Branch Manager
Kylie Lang, Office / Accounts

Andrew Lewis, Branch Manager
Kylie Lang, Office / Accounts

Andrew Lewis,
Branch Manager

Andrew Lewis,
Branch Manager

1997 Elders Merger
Andrew Lewis, Branch Manager (Andrew stayed on with PEL & Elders until 2004 when he resigned to start
his own successfull private agency business, still operating today in Emerald 2021)

Emerald Saleyards 1996
“L-R Mick Maguire Maguire’s Real Estate & Livestock, Terry Ray Dalgety Backhouse Ray Auctioneer Terry rarely sold as Chaffey did nearly all the selling, Kerry Hayes Emerald Land & Cattle, Andrew Lewis Primac, Michael Smith Elders, Terry Donohoe Agents Master Book, Wally Reid Primac RIP”

Emerald 1996 Steel Yards
“R-L Andrew Lewis Primac, John (Barty)Barrett RIP Elders who had done 2 years prior with Primac before returning to Elders, Michael Smith Elders, Chaffey Backhouse Dalgety Backhouse Ray auctioneer, behind him Terry Ray clerking, obscured Terry Donahue agent master book, leaning forward Wally Reid Primac RIP.”

Photos – Andrew Lewis

“Emerald Cattle Sale sometime February 2021 Two Old Primac Gurus
get together for a yarn with one (left) John “Cambo” Campbell still
wearing a Primac Shirt with the Logo picked off after 25 years.
John a Central Highlands stalwart worked at Primac Clermont 95 & 96
before the merger & (right) Bernie Frawley a Julia Creek old boy serving
from 1972-1997, but since then for a private agent at Emerald.”

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