Dirranbandi Branch

Company: Primaries
Date Opened: May 1947
First Manager: Jack Tannock

Dirranbandi Branch history has been contributed to by these Primac Gurus:
Richard Handley, Claire MacDonald (Jack Tannock’s daughter)
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“The Primac Office in Dirranbandi in the 1980’s”

Photo contributed by Barry Dixon

Jack Tannock, Branch Manager (Jack went off to WW2 from Quilpie Branch, rejoined the company after the war. His first posting was to Dirranbandi to open the new branch for Primaries)

“Barry, Is that the old Primaries Office on the corner of Castlereagh & Burke St? My father was Jack Tannock who was manager of Primaries in Dirranbandi from 1947 to 1952. During the war, Primaries used to send parcels to the Primaries boys serving overseas in the armed forces. Mum also worked in Primaries (at Head Office) and one of her jobs was to send the parcels. Dad was one of the diggers she used to send the parcels to. My mother was sent out from head office to provide clerical assistance and they finally met at the Dirranbandi railway station in 1947. She and Dad were married in 1948 and resided in the premises next door. In 1952 Dad was posted to Blackall to set up a Primaries Branch there” . Comment contributed by John Tannock (Jacks’ son) via Facebook post 28 Mar2023

Jack Tannock, Branch Manager

Jack Tannock, Branch Manager

Jack Tannock, Branch Manager

Jack Tannock, Branch Manager

Jack Tannock, Branch Manager

Jack Tannock, Branch Manager (In January 1953 Transferred OUT to open Blackall Branch as the first Branch Manager there)

Stan Webster, Branch Manager
Robert Brown, Stock Sales (Transferred OUT to help set up the Primac Dalby Branch which opened in May 1967)
Richard Handley, Stock Sales (Transferred IN from Cunnamulla Branch to replace Robert Brown)
Keith Stubletti, Merchandise
Allan McNaught, Merchandise
Alan Travers, Accounts
John Wilkinson, Accounts
Margie Lee, Office
Bev O’Callaghan, Office

Stan Webster, Branch Manager (No information where Stan went from Dirranbani Branch ????)
Fred Martin, Branch Manager (transferred in from ?????)
Richard Handley, Stock Sales (Transferred out to Quilpie Branch)
David Milford, Stock Sales (Transferred in from Quilpie Branch)

1975 Primaries Mactaggarts Co – Operative Assoc LTD
Les Dunstan,
Branch Manager

Les Dunstan, Branch Manager (December 1976, transferred OUT to Branch Managers position at Cunnamulla Branch)
Barry Dixon, Branch Manager (December 1976, transferred IN from Branch Managers position at Surat Branch)
Margaret Nolan, Office Admin
Sheila Cox, Office Admin

“Primaries Mactaggarts office building situated in Dirranbandi circa 1976”. Photo contributed by Barry Dixon

Barry Dixon, Branch Manager
Margaret Nolan, Office Admin
Sheila Cox, Office Admin

Barry Dixon, Branch Manager (Left the company to a Branch managers role for AML&F at Tenterfield. Rejoined the company at Charleville Branch in 1984)
Ken Telford, Branch Manager (Transferred IN from Cunnamulla Branch, taking over from Barry Dixon)
Fred Morgan, Stock Sales (New Hire, commenced in March 1978, Transferred OUT to Millmerran Branch in July 1978)
Margaret Nolan, Office Admin
Sheila Cox, Office Admin

1979 Ken Telford, Branch Manager

1980 Ken Telford, Branch Manager

1981 Ken Telford, Branch Manager

1982 Ken Telford, Branch Manager (Transferred OUT to Blackall Branch as Branch Manager)
Brian Walters, Branch Manager (Transferred IN from Warwick Branch )

Hugh Johnson, Branch Manager (transferred IN from Branch Managers role at Cunnamulla Branch)

“I am on a page that supports “Dirranbandi Old Photos”. This photo appeared today so I got their admins approval to use on our page.
The year perhaps 1988, at a special Dirranbandi Sheep Sale”.

Facebook post by Richard Handley – November 19th, 2022

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