Dalby Branch

Company: Primaries
Date Opened: 8th May 1967

This Dalby Branch history has been started by Richard Handley, who has been able to provide an overview.

Dalby branch is fairly unique in the 33 years from opening in 1967 to 2000 the branch had just 3 managers.

  • Dudley Flemming 1967 – 1976 (9 years)
  • John Higgins 1976 – 1982 (6 years)
  • Richard Handley 1982 – 2000 (18 years)

“The original Primaries office in Dalby. Opened on 8th May 1967. Dudley Fleming ( in coat), the first manager.”

Photo Richard Handley

1967- 1976
Dudley Fleming, Branch Manager (1967-1976)
Robert Brown, Stock Sales. (Transferred in from Dirranbandi Branch in late 1966 to set set up the new Dalby Branch)
Mick Thornton, Stock Sales (1967 – 1976, after 9 years left the company and took up a cattle buying position with Teys Bros)
Bob Mackintosh, Stock Sales / Auctioneer 1967-1973 (transferred out to Blackall Branch)
During those years the following worked in the branch.
Rick Oliver, Stock Sales
Peter Brazier, Stock Sales,
Sue Taylor, Office / Accounts
Ken Randle, Merch Sales
Alex Henderson, Stud Stock Sales

In 1974 Primac office in Dalby relocated to Yumborra Road, opposite the sale yards. “ A modern drive through bulk store”!

Photo, Richard Handley

1976 – 1982
John Higgins, Manager 1976-1982
During those years the following worked in the branch.
Mike Wheeler, Peter Brazier, Geoff Blomfield, Stock Sales
Sue Taylor, Office / Accounts
Sue Smith. Stock / Accounts
Bernie Marrinan, Bob Sommerfield, Tom Hocking, Tony Hartley, Merch Sales

1982 -2000
Richard Handley, Branch Manager (1982-2000) Transferred in from branch managers position at Blackall Branch.
During those years the following worked in the branch.
Stock Sales, Peter Brazier, Geoff Blomfield, Billy Barron, Vic Perkins, Mick Cuskelly, Stewie Marr, Josh Lockwood & Steve Gaff.
Stock / Accounts, Sue Smith, Sonya Cessari & Kerri Phillips.
Office / Accounts, Sue Taylor, Jenny Siddons, Jill McKeon, Judy Lockwood, Jenny Kelly, Gaye Cuddihy & Lyn Gadsby.
Merch Sales, Bob Sommerfield, Tom Hocking, Paul Nelson, John Gray, Kerry Kildare, Justin Borland, Peter Seng, Ray O’Grady, David Wacker, Scottie Cosgrove & Geoff Vincent.
Sales / Agronomists, Andrew Bell, Richard Routley, Greg Mills, Ian Johnson, Carol Sanson, Greg Cripps, Geoff York & Tony Hartley, Kent Bell.
Trainees, Steve Goodhew, Kenny Mitchell, Wayne Janke, Michael Vail, Roy Dashwood, Shane McCulloch & Ashley Austin, Michael Vale.


Dalby office renovated in 1986

Photo, Richard Handley

Dalby office renovated in 1986- at opening of extensions visitors included local State member of parliament Brian Littleproud, Primac CEO Don Swan, Dalby Branch Manager Richard Handley, Dalby Mayor Meg Wuth and Primac South West Regional Manager Norm Jenner

Photo, Richard Handley


“Dalby Branch Manager Richard Handley celebrating 25 years continuous work for Primac (Primaries).”

Photo, Richard Handley

Richard Handley, Branch Manager
Vic Perkins, Auctioneer / CALM assessor
Mick Cuskelly, Auctioneer / Stock Sales
Kerri Phillips, Stock / Accounts
Jill McKeon, Office / Accounts
Kerry ‘Doc’ Killdaire, Merch Manager
John Gray, Merch Sales
Lyn Gadsby, Seed Sales
Richard Routley, Broadacre Agronomist
Carl Sanson, Cotton Agronomist
Norm Hooper, Rural Property Sales

A celebration of 25 years open in Dalby – 1992

Photo – Richard Handley

“Vic Perkins in action at Dalby saleyards – assessed feedlot steers under the hammer.
Vic one of the better auctioneers who loved the job he excelled at”.
(Richard Handley)

Dalby office conducted Sheep and Lamb sales on Mondays plus Pig and Calf sales on Wednesdays as well as the regular Fat and Store Cattle sales.”

“Signs can be viewed in person at Pioneer Park Museum in Dalby.”

Photos, Richard Handley

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