Brisbane – Primac Head Office

“There were 54 branches across the state under Primac Brisbane control at the time of the 1975 Merger”

1975 Primaries Mactaggarts Co – Operative Assoc LTD

Directors: R.S.Wilson (Chairman), Sir Byrne Hart (Deputy Chairman), J.W. Clark, E.B. Joyce, D.C. Mactaggart (Executive Director), W.G. Reid, C.W. Russell, R.T.Schmidt, J. Wyland

General Manager: B.A.Campbell, Assistant General Managers: J.A.T. Heading (Administration),
G.S.Henderson (Rural Marketing), M. Samios (Finance)

Secretary: D.B. Sneddon

1975 Departmental Managers

Ted Ingram, Cheif Accountant,
Bill Ottaway, Assistant Accountant
John Vogler, Assistant Accountant
Syl Moore, EDP Manager
Dudley Jenkins, Bloodstock Manager
Trevor Mcguire, Export Manager
Eric Bassingthwaite, FatStock Manager
Bill Webb, Fitzsimmons Manager
Cedric Sallows, Insurance Sales Manager
Kevin Scott, Insurance Office Manager
Peter Mee, Merch Manager
Bob Nicholson, Merch Sales Manager
John Deane, Produce Manager
Ted Amies, Product Development Manager
Kelvin Day, Rural Property Manager
Kevin Rooney, Real Estate Manager
Trevor Odling, Service Manager
John Deane, Store Stock Manager
Peter Lloyd, Studstock Manager
Gus Arkinstall, Travel Manager
Tom O’Brien, Wool Manager

Primac Insurance Department

Clive Lambourne submitted some useful information on the Primac Insurance Department during the period 1979 to 1984.

Clive wrote: ” I worked with Geoff Richardson from 1979 to 1984 in HO Insurance as the SE Qld insurance rep. Other staff, Brian Peak, Peter Wilson, Tony Short (later Longreach), Barbara Brennan and Debbie Challinor (typists) and of course the great Mactaggarts character, Cedric Sallows. There was also Bob Lawliss in Rockhampton, Roy Benyon in Townsville, and Graham Smith in Longreach.

I originally started with Australian Mutual Fire ( part of the Commercial Union Group) whick was Primaries original Insurance Company back oin 1968. After a stint in National Service went back to CU in Melbourne before leaving for five years in London working for Lloyds Insurance Broker. I left Primac in 1984,, went to university and obtained a BSc and a BEd, became a teacher and retired in 2015.

Memories of spending time in the Masonic Club next door usually with Cedric, Brian Peak, John Palmer (Bloodstock) and John Kelly (Travel) and often till it closed, much to the annoyance of my wife. I still have blankets from Morris Woolen Mills, which were sold at rock-bottom prices to the staff when it closed in 1983. The door of my toilet is from the ladies toilet on the second floor bought from the builders who were renovating the offices, fabulously made out of silky oak. These are a few of my memories and I look at my association over the years with some affection and was sad to see Primacs demise.”

Thank you Clive for your candid and factual recollection of the Primac Insurance staff.

Photo: Primac Brisbane Insurance team, circa early 1980’s . Standing L to R: Debbie Challinor, Clive Lambourne, Peter Wilson, Tony Short, Brian Peak, Barbara Brennan. Seated L to R: Cedric Sallows, Geoff Richardson. Photo contributed by Clive Lambourne. September 2022

Photo: Silky Oak toilet door purchased from the builders renovating the 2nd floor of the Primac Building ion Creek Street.

Photo: contributed by Clive Lambourne (September 2022)

Primac Travel Department

Jocelyn Young, a long serving member of the Primac Travel Department, spanning some three decades, receives a parting gift, on her retirement in 1996 from Primac Chief Executive, D.B. (Bruce) Sneddon.

Jocelyn’s daughter Sally recently contacted (September 2022) the Primac Gurus with an update on her mum.

“Dear Primac, I am writing on behalf of my mum Jocelyn Young (nee Coar) who is 97 years. She worked for Primac Travel for many years between 1970’s and 1990’s in Brisbane. We have found a photo of her retirement in about 1996, I think. We couldn’t remember the name of the manager presenting her with a retirement present. Any help would be appreciated. Will try to upload the photo. with regards Sally Young”

Primac Wool Department

Mr Tom O’Brien, Primacs Wool Superintendent, in his Brisbane office September 1984

Photos contributed by Richard HandleyFacebook posts on the 27th and 28th March 2023

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