Brisbane – Mactaggarts Head Office

Mactaggarts Brisbane Head Office history has been contributed to by these Primac Gurus and Mactaggarts employees:
Barry Dixon, Jerry O’Sullivan, Vic Perkins, Dennis Cotter, Greg Jacobsen, Mike Quinn

Sources: Mactaggarts 1968 Annual Report, 1969 Annual Report

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Digger Jowett, Hide and Produce Department Manager
John Deane, Auctioneer
Barry Dixon, Office Boy / Tally Clerk (New hire, started as Office Boy and promoted to Tally Clerk at the Hide and Produce Store at Teneriffe. Transferred out to Tara Branch)


1968 – 1969 Mactaggarts Directors
Byrne Hart, Chairman Director
D.C. Mactaggart, Manging Director
E.B. Joyce, Director
J.T.N. Bell, Director
G.W.N. Bassingthwaighte, Director
J.H. Paterson, Director
Felix G. Schmidt, Director

Subsidary Companies (Mactagartts Merchandising P/L, Fitzsimmons & Co P/L,
R Brideson & Sons P/L, Gerry Stewart & Fitzsimmons P/L, Nicholls Bros P/L, Tatnell & Graham P/L)
1968 – 1969

Byrne Hart, Chairman Director
D.C. Mactaggart, Manging Director
J.A.T. Heading, Assistant General Manager
F Hancox & D.B. Sneddon, Secretary

1969 (Only)
J.E. Fitzsimmons, 1969 Director Fitzsimmons & Co
R.S. Fitzsimmons, 1969 Director Fitzsimmons & Co
W.R. Brideson, 1969 Director R Brideson & Sons
J.J. Brideson, 1969 Director R Brideson & Sons
J.E. Fitzsimmons, 1969 Director Gerry Stewart & Fitzsimmons P/L
G.W. Stewart, 1969 Director Gerry Stewart & Fitzsimmons P/L
N.B. Nichoills, 1969 Director Nicholls Bros P/L
A.B. Graham, 1969 Director Tatnell & Graham P/L

1968 – 1969
Associated Company – Mactaggarts F & G Wool Selling Co-Operative Company
T.L.Bray (Farmers & Graziers) Chairman
Byrne Hart, (Mactaggarts) Chairman
F.W. Dougall, (Farmers & Graziers)
D.C. Mactaggart, Managing Director
F. Hancox, Secretary

1968 – 1969
Departmental Managers
Trevor McGuire, Livestock & Store Stock Superintendent
Don Milligan, FatSock Manager
Garth Hughes, Stud Stock Manager
Bill Webb, Fitzsimmons & Co Manager
Bob Nicholson, Merchandise Manager
Hurtle Hall, Wool Manager
Digger Jowett, Produce Manager
Reg Evans, Rural Property Manager
Cedric Sallows, Insurance Manager
Spen Wait, Finance Manager
Bruce Sneddon, Accountant
Derek Andersen, Central QLD Manager (Rockhampton)
Max Worthington, Central QLD Livestock Manager (Rockhampton)
Hector Mcphie, Wool, Stock & Property Officer (Toowoomba & Darling Downs)

New Guinea & Overseas Division
Trevor McGuire, Manager

1968 – 1969
Special Agents (Livestock & Wool)
Barcaldine Agencies, Barcaldine
Tom Knox & Co, Dalby
Barry Penberthy & Co, Goondiwindi
Ray Ireland, Injune
C.A. Pershouse & Co, Kilcoy (1968 Only became a Mactagarts Branch 1969 with Tim Clifford appointed Manager)
John Maloney & Co, Roma
Tom Leonard & Sons, Warwick

Judith Walls, Secretary to Assistant General Manager, Mr Jim Heading
Barry Dixon, Finance Officer (Transferred IN from Tara Branch, Transferred OUT to Kingaroy Branch after 6 months)

Dennis Cotter, Office Boy (Commenced work on the 7th December 1970 as an office boy working out of the mail room)
Bill Cooper, Office Boy

Dennis Cotter, Booking Clerk Livestock Department Cannon Hill

Dennis Cotter, (Transferred to Cairns Branch to a Merch position)

Mike Quinn, (transferred in from Cunnamulla Branch in a role doing doing Stock Settlement and Cannon Hill Saleyards.)
Dennis Cotter, (transferred in from Cairns Branch for a few months before transferring out to New Guinea Pastoral Supplies)

Mike Quinn, (transferred out to a Merchandise role at Quilpie Branch)

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