Old Primac Gurus was started as a Facebook Group on the 30th October 2020 by Warren Honke and Steve Gaff. In just the first 8 weeks over 200 people had joined the group.

Primac Gurus Co-Founder Warren Honke

Primac Gurus Co-Founder Steve Gaff

So many great stories, information and photos have been shared that it is difficult to locate some of it on the group. This Primac Gurus website was created to sort all of that information into searchable and indexed order.

The history of Primac is firstly the history of 2 great Queensland Stock & Station agency businesses, Queensland Primary Producers Co-Operative Association known as ‘Primaries’ which commenced trading in 1920 and Mactaggart Bros. Ltd which commenced trading in Maryborough in the late 1880’s.

These 2 great QLD Cooperatives merged in 1975 after 55 years of being in competition with each other. That merged entity became Primac. Primac lasted for 22 years (1975-1997) before being taken over by rival firm Elders to become Primac Elders Limited (PEL) and then after a couple of years, just Elders.

This website aims to archive the history of the Branches and to capture the history and bio’s of all who worked for one of these great firms during the period 1890 to 2000.

It also has a section for publishing stories from the Gurus about their time in the industry.

All information intended for this site should first be posted to the Old Primac Gurus Facebook page. We welcome family and friends of Primac Guru’s who are deceased to join the group and contribute their relatives history / bio.

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